KeepSisu KS-0002

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Rustic Clear quartz point,

Size: (Approx) : 3.5″ long – 2.0″ wide.
Weight (Approx): 2.32 oz


Handmade Jewelry | Unique Piece | 

KeepSisus are made with a technique called Tiffany’s Soft Soldering, that I learned from Czech and Slovakian jewelers, with a few modifications.

KeepSisus are supported by a variety of natural quartz such as Amethyst, Citrine, and various other types of stones in a variety of colors. Both quartz and stones are in harmony with the people who have them, fulfilling the function of receiving, storing, and releasing energies.

Each stone and quartz has it’s own quality and property to transmit and accumulate energy, and release it at the exact moment when it’s needed. I like to think they are living beings at the service of humanity, sharing their brilliance and wisdom.

KeepSisu is a small container, where you will keep the purest desires of your heart, which will become your “INTERNAL FORCE” to create a better life.  A life where you ill maintain your feelings of self love, credibility, and worth knowing that you can overcome and prevail in the face of any hardships you undergo. KeepSisu will bring clarity and resilience to your life.

All Keepsisu are connected to each other, no matter where they are. When one Keepsisu becomes filled with hope, love, and trust other KeepSisu will receive those energies, and gain strength to accompany you in your journeys.

This jewel is original – just a single piece in offer. I’m sure you will love it !!

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in


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