KeepSisu Angel 01

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Rustic Amethyst quartz with Clear & rose quartz

Size: (Approx) : 4.5″ long – 2.5″ wide.
Weight (Approx): 2 oz


Handmade Jewelry | Unique Piece | 

This pendant is soft soldered with lead free solder.

KeepSisus are made with a technique I learned from some Czechs and Slovaks jewelers, called Tiffany’s Soft Soldering, with a few modifications. In addition, they are supported by a variety of natural quartz, such as Amethyst, Citrine and natural quartz, as well as many different types of stones in a variety of colors. Both quartz and stones are in harmony with the people who have them, fulfilling the function of receiving, storing and releasing energies. Each stone and quartz have their own quality and property to transmute and accumulate energy and release it at the exact moment when it’s needed, I like to think that they are living beings at the service of humanity, sharing their brilliance and wisdom.

KEEP, means “to maintain” and SISU -Etymologically it comes from a Finnish root that means “interior” or “within”, it is a word that represents the idea that in each one of us there is more force than is seen with the naked eye.

KeepSisu, in its main idea, is a small container, where you will keep the purest desires of your heart, which will become your “INTERNAL FORCE” to create a better life, where you will keep alive that feeling of value, love towards yourself, credibility, hope and trust, knowing that everything will be fine and you will be able to move forward despite any obstacle that comes your way … and everything that strengthens, clarity and great consistency in your daily life.

At the bottom of the Keepsisu design, it has a small glass bottle that can be opened and closed, and it is where you will send all that “feeling” of happiness, abundance, clarity … when your whole being trembles with emotion, feeling warmth in your soul, in those moments where you feel that life has a meaning and you are filled with happiness … it is when you must send that “beautiful sensation” to your Keepsisu, the bottle will keep within it the purest desires of your Being so that they are not lost, and you can access them when you are desperate, without finding answers, depressed, mired in doubt and daily complications, that is when you must OPEN the bottle of your KEEPSISU and fill yourself with all that “pure feeling” created by you and for you.

The overall design is in the shape of a kerosene lamp, whose main function is to “give light in the dark” … and in short, that is the idea of ​​the Keepsisu.

This jewel is original – just a single piece in offer. I’m sure you will love it !!

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in


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